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Who Sang Ellu P 75? Name, Bio, Age

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Who Sang Ellu P 75? Name, Bio, Age

A new tune is in town. The title, Ellu P 75 is a title that came up after the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria.

Just a week a go, the Federal republic of Nigeria conducted an election, which by the was extremely questionable. The result of the election saw Ahmed Tinubu become the president, but Nigerians have been shouting vehemently that they did not vote for the ailing drug lord.

Second to Tinubu is a man, a business magnet who within a year joined a minority political party and became a national figure, loved by both old and young.

Mr Peter Obi, after he left PDP joined LP (Labour Party), and has since gained the love and admiration of many Nigerians.

How Did Ellu P Song Come About

During the election day, people were happy to vote for their political candidate which was by the way, Mr Peter Obi, who hails from the South Eastern part of the country.

After the voting process came the time for counting of vote, as expected, many were filled with joy as the new political figure was in lead.

In a polling unit in Anambra State, as the electoral officers were counting the vote on the unit, Obi of LP was leading finely and thus a young man who was happy with the lead decided to add some tune to the counting proces.

As the number came to 70, the young man began to sing in tune with the numbers called hence the “Ellu P 74, Eluu Pee 75, Obi Kererenke, Obi nwanne m” etc.

Little did he know that the tune will turn out to be a national song, remixed and made to be shared as a mastred song.

What Is The Name Of The Person Who Sang Eelu Pee?

As of now, the biography and personal information of the young man is not known yet. How ever, stay tuned as we are still investigating and looking out for anyone from the South Eastern part of the country who knows the young man.

Updated: March 6, 2023 — 5:11 am
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