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Who Is Ranga Gova? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Missing, LinkedIn, Business, Wife (Mamelo Gova)

Who Is Ranga Gova? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Missing, LinkedIn, Business, Wife (Mamelo Gova)

Who Is Ranga Gova? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Missing, LinkedIn, Business, Wife (Mamelo Mareko Gova)

Since Ranga Gova was kidnapped, he has been declared missing, and both his wife, Mamelo Mareko Gova and Otilia Gova have been worried for the sake of their loved one. Also to add, the South African businessman is currently with a child, his daughter whose name we can not confirm as at when publishing this content.

Before we proceed, a lot may ask, who is Ranga Gova? One may be interested about his profile, biography, his business, social media like Linkedin, his net worth, age, how old he is as at when he was kidnapped etc. These are some of the vital information we wish to share, and we plead with the general public, if anyone has seen, heard or suspected anything that could assist in finding the young man, please do so by going to the nearest police station.

Who Is Ranga Gova? His Biography & Profie

From our findings, Ranga Gova is a young successful South African businessman based in Johannesburg, but has Zimbabwean roots and is currently married to his wife, Mamello Mareko Gova. It is important to note that the closest relative we known about is his mother, Otilia Gova who has taken to the press to plead with the general public with assistance in finding her son.

How Old Is Ranga Gova? His Age

According to his childhood friend, Ranga Gova is currently 35 years old as of when he went missing. From his age, it is correct to say that he was born in the year, 1987.

The official birthday and birth month of the South African based-business mogul is not ascertained as at when this content was published.

Ranga Gova Declared Missing After He Was Kidnapped

Ranga Gova

The young successful businessman was abducted some days ago, while he was driving his wife’s silver Mercedes CLA silver/grey colour in Midstream Estate, Gauteng before he was abducted.

From the statement from his wife, it is clear that Gova is a golf lover and was out on that day playing at the local golf course, and the same night, a footage surfaced showing how he was abducted.

According to the official statement released by his wife, she said, “He told me that he was still at the golf course at the time and that he was leaving soon, as he was just having some coffee before driving back home. It wasn’t a long conversation as I told him we can talk when he gets home, as I needed to see to our baby girl. I had absolutely no idea that would be our last conversation,”

She also added, “I usually don’t open the door if it’s just me and my child in the house, but when security said there is footage that they have seen that shows a hijacking involving my car, I immediately opened the door.

“They told me my car was taken at the robots in Midstream and that they thought it was me. I then told them that Ranga is driving my car, and they insisted I go to the police station immediately”.

She also spoke about how she felt when the police found the car  abandoned in Gauteng two days after, but no sign of Ranga, she stated; “When police told me they found the car and that my husband was not inside, it broke me. I kept asking where is he then? “This is honestly the worst experience anyone could go through, and I am just hoping for the best. as I desperately want my husband back safe and sound.”

Ranga Gova Business & Net Worth

The South African, Ranga Gova, from Centurion who was kidnapped while in traffic lights near the Midstream Medi clinic in Centurion just before 8pm on Thursday, on November 3 is a prolific businessman, who is known around his estate.

From reports, it has been confirmed that the Zimbabwean born businessman owns a fuel station, and is into the business of oil industry.

He is said to be well known in his estate, and was referred to as a nice and gentle young man who does not want troubles (according to his friend Muze of 15 years).

From the reports we have, we can state that the net worth of the young businessman may be around $500,000.

Ranga Gova Wife, Mother Family

Statements we gathered have confirmed that Ranger is married to his wife, Mamelo Mareko Gova and they relocated to the Centurion estate five years ago. According to his wife, they have a young daughter whose name is not known yet.

As the news of the incident unfolded, his mother, Otilia Gova who bases in Zimbabwe flew into the country immediately.

So far, these are the immediate family we know about Ranga. He also seems to have a good friend whose name is Muze, he has taken to his social platform to plead to the conscience of people and let his friend whom he has known for more than 15 years go free.

Anyone who has any information about the case should please contact the investigating officer, Captain Seckle, on 083 450 7978 or the family on 073 058 6349.

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