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Qwabe Twins Death & New House Rumour

Qwabe Twins Death & New House Rumour (Q Twins 2022)

Qwabe Twins Death Rumour And More Information About New House Acquisition

Social media is undoubtedly one of the fasted means of disseminating rumours, this is just the case of Qwabe Twins who were said to be dead and later said to have acquired a new house.

With many people on the social media, wiling to share any news just to gain more audience and popularity, socialites tend to do little or no research before they hit the publish button and this caused a panic as it was alleged that the amapiano artists were dead, and in subsequent news, they were also said to have bough a new house. Check below for more information about the rumours.

Qwabe Twins Death News

NO! The twins are very much alive, in fact on November 16th, they dropped an album which was titled Words of Hope.

There was series of even that stirred up the news, one of which was the news of twins who were murdered by their father in South Africa. Being the known celebrity twins, the Q Twins were in most people’s heart, when the news broke. Again, on TikTok, the duo engaged in a “Dead Prank” which also made a lot of TikTok celebrities to share the news as if they were actually dead. These series of events were the major reason it was rumoured that they are dead.

So, Q Twins are not dead yet. In fact Virginia got married, and they duo have released a new music project which they called Words of Hope.

Q Twins New House

There is no proof or document to confirm that the duo actually own a house. The only time they were said to have bought or owned a house was when the Q Twins took a trip with The Insider SA to Babanango Game Reserve which was set on the incredibly beautiful White Umfolozi River. There they took and shared some pictures in one of the apartments and many though the twins have acquired a home.

So far, the du have not acquired any house of their own.


Do Qwabe Twins Have New House?

Not yet. The duo have not recently acquired any property. They probably have an apartment where they were living before the rumour of the twins buying a new house.

Is The Qwabe Twins Death News Correct? 

No, it is not correct. The South African twin singers are not dead. The murder of the South African twins have nothing to do with the Qwabe family, neither is the death prank on TikTok real.

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