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Peter Matsimbe Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife

Peter Matsimbe Net Worth 2022, Bio, Age, Wife

Who Is Peter Matsimbe? His Biography, Age, Net Worth, Wife & Girlfriend

Truly, the short question about the identity, profile or who Peter Matsimbe is, can not simply be answered.

Before we check out who Peter is, let us dive into what made him to trend in South Africa, and thus making people to ask the ultimate question, what is the net worth of Peter Matsimbe.

Peter Matsimbe’s business empire and smuggling scandals

The South African ‘business’ mogul Peter Matsimbe is a household name in the nation. It is said that he is one of the most celebrated millionaires in Swaziland, South Africa. Though with his riches, there is no official companies registered to his name.

Rather, there have been disturbing reports which confirm that he majors in cigarette smuggling. In fact, the customs services once implicated him in a million rand consignment deal scandal.

The Customs Department once busted a rented warehouse at Tanya Investments, where some illegal cigarette consignment was housed. The company was said to have links with the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Prince Guduza. After the allegation, the House Of the Assembly Speaker even resigned because of his links to the consignment. Later, the consignment was freed by the order of the court to the flamboyant businessman Peter Matsimbe.

Peter Matsimbe Net Worth 2022

Unconfirmed sources have it that Peter has an estimated net worth of about R250,000,000. Many sources claim that he is into property management and real estate, besides smuggling. This is a claim we are yet to confirm as there is no official document backing this claim.

Peter Matsimbe Age

Peter Matsimbe was born on 9th June. His birth year is not confirmed yet, but he should be in his late 30s or early 40s. This leads us to believe that he might have been born in the early 1980s.

Short Biography Of Peter Matsimbe

Peter is of African origin. He confirmed that he was born in Malawi, Eastern Africa (Eswatini). He came to South Africa and was just known to be a rich young man, who is into business. His family background and siblings are not yet known, and neither does anyone knows about his educational background. Peter is married to his wife, Shannen Thring who is a South African but is in a relationship with another South African model.

Wife & Girlfriend Of Peter Matsimbe

Peter Masambi is surely in a relationship. In fact, he is the baby daddy and currently dating a South African model Ayanda Thabehte, and the news of their relationship has been on for the past few months.

More interesting is the fact that he is married to a lovely South African woman named Shannen Thring and the duo have two kids together. His girlfriend, Ayanda Thabethe has been rumored to date rich men in South Africa, but reports on the internet say that Peter is three times richer than Ayanda Thabethe’s husbands and boyfriends from her past relationships and marriages.

Ayanda trended in headlines when she was accused to be in a relationship with the controversial drug dealer and alleged scammer, Peter Matsimbe.

As expected, not long ago, the female South African celebrity debunked the claims that she was seeing the controversial business tycoon who has been accused in several drug scandals. As we earlier stated, Peter has been married to his wife, but despite that fact, there have been some overwhelming pieces of evidence circulating on the internet confirming the two to be in a romantic relationship, however, Ayanda has continuously distanced herself from the drama.

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