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Noluthando Mdluli Profile, Age, Net Worth, Married To Carl Niehaus

Noluthando Mdluli Profile, Age, Net Worth, Married To Carl Niehaus

Noluthando Mdluli Profile, Age, Net Worth, Married To Carl Niehaus

Another interesting figure who has been on the South African online news outlets is here, in the person of Noluthando Mdluli. She became a South African internet sensation when she was revealed to be the lover of Carl Niehaus.

Carl Niehaus is not just a man who is known to be advanced in age, but also has more than two wives and numerous girlfriend. To top up his list, he once revealed that he will be getting married to Noluthando Mdluli. She also responded by confirming that Carl is the love of her life.

Guess what, they both have finally tied the knot. Today, they are husband and wife.

Let us take a look at who Noluthando Mdluli really is.

Noluthando Mdluli Biography

Noluthando Mdluli is a South African female socialite. An intelligent and smart model and entrepreneur who currently hails and lives in South Africa.

She was born and raised in Soweto, but her family and personal live of the past has not been known as she does not share much information about her life to the public.

The model began to be a topic of social media discussion when it was known for a fact that she has been dating the 63 year old ANC politician whose name is Carl.

She has been in an interview where she commented about her relationship with the politician, and she said; “Initially, I was hesitant to date him given that he is white. I grew up in Soweto and had never dated a white person before. However, as I got to know him, I realised that he was not only kind and loving; he was also a true South African who did not identify himself in terms of race”.

Also, she continued: “The moment we met, he just blew me away with his caring, kind, and friendly persona. It’s unfortunate that those who dislike him are doing so out of ignorance. If they get to know him, I can assure you, they will immediately view him in a different light.

Noluthando Mdluli Age

Some of the popular queries by South Africans is how old is Noluthando Mdluli and her date of birth.

Sincerely, we do not know her month and day of birth but we do know the year she was born.

Noluthando Mdluli was born in the year 1994, and as of 2022 she is 28 years old.

Noluthando Mdluli Net Worth

Being the wife of a known popular South African politician, and also having made some good fortune for herself, we may be safe to pin her estimated net worth to about $250,000

Noluthando Mdluli & Carl Niehaus Marriage, Dating Rumors, Relationship

Recounting on how the duo met, Mdluli, was said to had met Niehaus (63) at a Johannesburg mall about 2-3 years ago, believes in Niehaus to the level that she had no single problem about having him as her partner and husband.

Just last moth, on a weekend, Carl Niehaus posted images of his lobola to his 4th wife, marking it the beginning of their marriage.

He stated on Twitter and we quote: “Today is a beautiful day. I paid lobola for my beautiful wife”.

Traditionally, the two can be said to be husband and wife. As long as their union is in respect of tradition and law, we wish them happy married life.


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