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Is Shebeshxt Arrested Today? What Really Happened To Shebeshxt?

Is Shebeshxt Arrested Today? What Happened To Shebeshit

Is Shebeshxt Arrested Today For Drugs & Unlicensed Firearm? What Really Happened To Shebeshxt?

Shebeshxt latest news today!

As people have been asking, today we have more news about the amapiano break-out who is known by his stage name, Shebeshit.

Shebeshxt as we all know is a South African amapiano singer, who recently broke out and is also trending on the social media for his wonderful bars. For a few months now, he has been sharing nice music, but today there have been rumours about his arrest trending in Mzansi, how true is it?

Who Is Shebeshxt In Amapiano? Check Out His Age & Real Name

What Really Happened To Shebeshit?

Just a few days ago, South Africans began to ask questions about Shebeshit, they asked thus, is shebeshxt arrested? What happened to shebeshxt? What is shebeshxt news today?, shebeshxt got arrested? etc.
So, one may be forced to ask, what happened to the amapiano singer, was he really arrested? for what offense?
Well, so far we are still looking out for concrete evidence to confirm that the singer has been arrested. We have checked on his socials and many social medias like Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, but they seem to be calm and not with the news of the arrest. However, we got some videos from a few people who have strong conviction that Shebeshit has been arrested.
Please also note that the South African police has not released any official statement, neither any amapiano artiste or close relative of Shebeshit.

Shebeshxt Latest News Today

What we do know for sure, or the fact and news about Shebeshxt is that he recently released an amapiano album.

On 1 December, Shebeshxt shared a new amapiano album which he called ‘Topless Shxta’s Journey’. The album was filled with 10 songs, and has massive features from diverse artists. Below we have the album tracklist.

Topless Shxta’s Journey Album Tracklist

1. Shebeshxt – Bophelo Ft. Bayoor97, Leon Lee, Naqua SA, Phobla On The Beat & BUddy Sax MP3 Download
2. Shebeshxt – Dilo Tsedi Ft. Naqua SA, Phobla On The Beat & BUddy Sax MP3 Download
3. Shebeshxt – Dithapelo Ft. Shandesh, Bayoor97, Naqua SA, Phobla On The Beat, BUddy Sax & DJ Tiano MP3 Download
4. Shebeshxt – Ke Jola Le Voicemail Ft. Bayoor97, Naqua SA & BUddy Sax MP3 Download
5. Shebeshxt – Mamacita Ft. Bayoor97, Naqua SA & BUddy Sax MP3 Download
6. Shebeshxt – Moratixo Ft. Phobla On The Beat, Naqua SA, King Thapza, Buddy Sax MP3 Download
7. Shebeshxt – Ngwanaka Ft. Phobla On The Beat, Naqua & Krusher MP3 Download
8. Shebeshxt – Oketsa DJ Ft. Phobla On The Beat & Naqua SA MP3 Download
9. Shebeshxt – Rea Loser Bana Ft. Prince Zulu & Phobla On The Beat, King Salama, Naqua SA & Buddy Sax MP3 Download
10. Shebeshxt – Tse Nnayane Ft. Mckay Johnson, Jojo Manjaro, Snowflake, Naqua SA, Buddy Sax & DJ Tiano MP3 Download

Before sharing his album, Shebeshit dropped a single which he called ‘Bare Ke Shebe’.

Shebeshxt Arrest News By Lebowakgomo SAPS For Unlicensed Firearm And Drugs?

According to SA Music Updates on YouTube, the channel shared a video which rather suggests that Shebeshit was arrested.  The video happened so fast, the recorder was in a vehicle while some police men where with a few men by the roadside behind the police van, as the recorder came closer to the scene of the scene, a police man was heard asking the recorder, “what do you want”, one thing is clear however. The person held by the police does not look like Shebeshit and the video was not clear enough, so we doubt that was the beloved amapiano artist. Another channel says that Shebeshxt was arrested by lebowakgomo SAPS for unlicensed firearm and drugs

Watch the video below.

Please watch the video and tell us if you think that was actually Shebeshit or just another social media hypes.

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