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Hlubi Nkosi Age, Business, Net worth, pictures, Cars, Girlfriend, and Wife

Hlubi Nkosi Age, Business, Net worth, Pictures, Cars, Girlfriend / Wife

Hlubi Nkosi Age, Business, Net worth, pictures, Cars, Girlfriend, and Wife

If you know Londie London who starred in “The real housewives of Durban”, then you are likely to know Hlubi Nkosi. The two have been in a long-term relationship and even got engaged at some point. The pair has been going through a lot of drama recently, but that’s not
all about Hlubi, find out more below.


From all indications, Hlubi appears to be a middle-aged man. He is probably in his late 30s or early 40s.


Hlubi Nkosi is a South African-based businessman. He is also a financial analyst. Hlubi does not speak much about what he does so the exact type of business he does is not known.

Net Worth

Hlubi is a very private man, not much is known about him and that includes his net worth. Even at that, it is not a secret that Hlubi is very rich. His mansion in KwaZulu-Natal and the fleet of expensive cars are proof that he is quite comfortable. Hlubi Nkosi’s exact net worth is not known but it is assumed that he is worth millions of dollars.


Hlubi Nkosi is a lover of fancy cars. He recently bought a Range Rover not long after his separation from Londie London. The luxurious car was worth thousands of Rands. There are other reports that Londie London’s G wagon has been given to Phumla M.

Girlfriend / wife

Hlubi Nkosi’s love life has been chaotic lately. Hlubi is not married, but he is engaged. For a long time, he has been known as the fiancé to Londie London. They started some traditional rites in 2020, but no official wedding has been conducted. The two have a son together and they are expecting another very soon since Londie is heavily pregnant. Sadly, their relationship hit the rocks due to some allegations of Hlubi impregnating another woman.

The young lady in question happens to be Phumla M. Troubling news indicates that Phumla M is Hlubi Nkosi’s side-chick. A certain post by Musa Khawula on Twitter notifies us that Phumla M is not new in the picture as they have allegedly been dating for close to 2 years
and Hlubi is reportedly considering taking her as a second wife. Hlubi Nkosi is also the baby daddy to Londie London. According to reports, Londie London has moved out of their home in KwaZulu-Natal


The drama surrounding Hlubi Nkosi recently has not been fun at all and it is clear that it is already affecting Londie London since she could no longer bear it but instead had to leave their residence in KZN. This won’t be the first time there’ll be a scandal among them, but let’s
keep our arms folded and watch how it all plays out.

Updated: October 1, 2022 — 4:05 am
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