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Fakaza Online Journal is a subsidiary of Fakaza2022. Fakaza Online covers some interesting topics like; education, fully funded scholarship programs, insurance and different forms of insurance uses and good insurance firms around the world, cloud hosting, cloud storage, cloud contact center etc., legal information, top lawyers & attorneys, why you need an attorney, different types of lawyers and arttoneys and why you need them.

Some of the categories or topics on Fakaza Online Journalare;

Education & Scholarship: Learn about more information on fully funded scholarship programs, online degrees, best countries for your education, how to acquire some degree certificates in campus and online etc.

Insurance: Uncover all you need to know about all forms of insurance. Work insurance, vehicle / auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance. Also learn about the best insurance companies and quotes in South Africa and around the world.

Legal: Do you have any need for an attorney? Here, you learn about any form of legal information. Why you need a lawyer, best attorneys in different countries, best law firms. Top personal, auto accident, insurance lawyers etc.

Technology: Read about some interesting articles on the trending softwares like dental seo software, cloud storages, cloud hosting, cloud contact center etc. This category also covers a lot about some machines work, how magnetic seperators etc work.

Finance: You will find much information about the financial industry round the world. Learn about the financial sector, best banks, online banking etc. European Investment Bank: core values, salary, how to apply for work in the financial industry.

Health: We shae article wish educate our readers on some important health tips like different forms of cancers; mesothelioma cancer, symptoms, survival rate etc.

Automobiles: Learn anything about automobiles. E-cars, e-motorbikes and scooters. Best car for any one to buy. Most durable cars, how to take loan with your car, or vehicle donations etc.