Dj Kekess Profile & Music

Dj Kekess Profile & Music

Dj Kekess Profile & Music

There are no doubts lots of hidden talents in South Africa, artistes who in there locality are extremely praised and celebrated, those who are not really out on the mainstream but have solid back ground musically, one of these artistes is Dj Kekess.

Dj Kekess Brief Profile

Truly, Dj Kekess is one, whose information is not readily available. He seems not to support a flashy lifestyle nor have his information our there to the public.

However, a few things we do know about him is what we will surely share with our dear followers hoping that we will update this page as soon as we get more solid information about the singer.

Dj Kekess is a South African house Dj, who lives in a little village of Kwazulu in South Africa, his family, parents as of now are yet to be known, same as his educational background.

Dj Kekess Age

We do not know for sure what age is Dj Kekess, but we are certain that he is not more than 25 years old. This is based on the approximate age by our estimation based on the looks of his pictures.

He is a loved and low0key South African DJ who shares his musical works mostly free on some major South African digital stores.

His music has been speaking greatly of him, even without him directly engaging in any form or promotion or anything of it’s sort.

He really has not been seen featuring great artistes in his mixes, rather Dj Kekess seems to be more comfortable in his own skin as he shares more of his own mixes.

Dj Kekess Music

Really, he has been doing fine for himself as he has a few songs to his name, these songs though, not yet in the South African mainstream music industry, but they make waves in it’s little way.

Last year, he dropped a song, with Store Gee, another South African singer which he called Asbonge, the track was dropped in 2021 and it already have a few thousands of likes.

In 2022, he got himself on TokTok, and with luck by his side, he managed to gain more fans on TikTok as some  of his followers are already asking for some of his full songs as he share just a part of them on the Chinese social media platform.

As expected by his fans on TikTok, we hope that Dj Kekess comes up with some more studio albums and songs just to keep us busy as he already gained another fan, fakaza2022.

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